Harris Teeter Supermarket Coupons

Harris Teeter supermarket and pharmacy chain of stores is very popular in the United States. In locations where there are Harris Teeter supermarket and pharmacy stores located, people prefer to visit these locations only rather than other supermarket or pharmacy stores.

What makes Harris Teeter stores so popular is the fact that the products available within the stores are of high-quality and in comparatively low prices. Moreover, Harris Teeter offers coupons and discount vouchers to their customers, which again helps in reducing the overall bill amount.

Apart from regular loyal customers of Harris Teeter, even employees can avail discount coupons from the brand. To access employee discount coupons from Harris Teeter, associates can access the MyHTSpace.com portal and then login using their credentials.

Harri Teeter Coupon Codes Guidelines

Below are the terms & conditions / guidelines that people needs to keep in mind while using the Harris Teeter coupon codes.

  • The coupon codes needs to be redeemed before the expiry date.
  • Customers need to submit the coupon code at the time of billing to receive the discount.
  • Original copies of the coupon code(s) needs to be submitted at the billing counter.
  • The coupons aren’t refundable once used.
  • Coupons can only be redeemed as discount while purchase billing, it cannot be exchanged for cash or other goods.
  • Harris Teeter reserves the rights to decline support for any coupon or reiterate the terms.

Harris Teeter Coupon Benefits 

Below are some of the key advantages/benefits of using the coupon codes and discount vouchers issued by Harris Teeter.

  • Instant discount on your final billing amount.
  • If the purchase bill amount is lower or equal to the amount related to the coupon, then you get the item(s) for free.
  • Ability to utilize the coupons across any Harris Teeter store for discount.
  • You can gift the coupon code to others instead of buying some random item(s).

Harris Teeter Coupons (Different Coupon Codes Accepted by Harris Teeter)

Below are the various types of coupon codes accepted by Harris Teeter at their stores.

  • VIC Card Program:

    This program allow Harris Teeter customers to receive discount on various products. By producing the VIC Card, the discounts are made to reflect instantly on your purchase. 
  • e-VIC Coupon:

    e-VIC coupons are coupon codes that are electronically made available to the customers. Thus, there will be no physical coupon card or gift card related to the discount. As a customer, you just need to inform about the e-VIC coupon code at the billin counter to receive the discount. 
  • e-VIC Program:

    In the e-VIC program, Harris Teeter informs customers about promotions/discounts that are currently running via email notifications. Thus, customers can know when the product(s) they wish to purchase are in discounted sale and go ahead to make the purchase. 
  • Internet Coupons:

    If the manufacturer or marketer of the product you’re purchasing is offering a discount coupon, then you can redeem the same within Harris Teeter stores if you’re making a valid purchase.

    The conditions for internet coupon redemption are that you need to produce the original coupon and that you cannot redeem more than 2 internet coupons in a single day. 
  • Rainchecks:

    Usually, when a product that a customer wants is out of stock, sellers issue a raincheck which guarantees that the buyer can purchase the product whenever it’s available next, for the same current price.

    Thus, if the same product is made available in the store in the future but with a price hike, then the buyer need not pay the hiked amount. They can pay the same amount which was stated on the date that the raincheck was issued.

    Just like other popular supermarket and pharmacy stores, even Harris Teeter issues and accept rainchecks. 
  • Competitor Coupons:

    If you have coupons issued by local competitors, then you can use them as well within Harris Teeter stores. However, the competitor coupons will not be accepted on specific orders and rather can be redeemed only on money orders. 
  • Scan Guarantee:

    Under the scan guarantee, if the final billing amount of the participating product(s) is higher than what was shown on the product display section, then you will get another piece of the same item for absolutely free.

    Do note that alcoholic and tobacco products are not part of scan guarantee promotions. 
  • Double Coupons:

    You can also utilize double coupons within Harris Teeter stores. A maximum of 20 double coupons can be utilized within Harris Teeter stores in a single day. You cannot purchase triple quantities using multiple double coupons unless the product is from the same manufacturer.