Harris Teeter Working Schedule for Employees

Harris Teeter is a chain of supermarkets and pharmacies and is a subsidiary brand of the Kroger Company. If you are seeking employment within Harris Teeter, then they do have lots of vacancies across their supermarkets and pharmacy chains for various roles.

For people wishing to seek job opportunities within Harris Teeter, we are taking a look at the various aspects related to employment at Harris Teeter, including working hours at Harris Teeter supermarkets, break time for Harris Teeter employees during work hours, part-time jobs at Harris Teeter, full-time jobs at Harris Teeter, and how salary payment at Harris Teeter works.

About Harris Teeter

Before taking you through the employment details at Harris Teeter, let us begin by giving you a brief history ofHarris Teeter.

Harris Teeter has its headquarters located in Matthews, North Carolina, and was acquired by The Kroger Company in 2013 for $2.5 billion.

Currently, with over 260 stores across North Carolina, South Carolina, Virginia, Delaware, Maryland, Florida, and the Columbian districts employing about 35,000 people, Harris Teeter is also among the top grocery and pharmacy chains in the United States.

Harris Teeter Working Hours

The first thing you will need to know about Harris Teeter before applying for a job is their working hours.

Harris Teeter allows employees working hours as shifts. The first shift of the day starts at 06:00 AM and ends at 02:00 PM the same day.

The second shift starts at 02:00 PM and ends at 10:30 PM the same day.

Finally, the third shift starts at 10:30 PM and ends at 07:00 AM the next day.

Employees may be shuffled between shifts depending on the available workforce and also the business requirements.

Harris Teeter Employee Break Time

As mandated by law, Harris Teeter also offers break time to their employees. Each employee is allotted a 15-minutes break time during each 8-hour shift that they work on. Usually, the employees utilize this break period to have lunch or take a quick work nap.

There is no restriction on what can be done during the break time and is basically personal time allotted to the employees.

Harris Teeter Part-Time Job

If you’re seeking part-time jobs at Harris Teeter, then the organization does offer such job opportunities. The part-time job working hours are usually between 14 hours and 30 hours a week.

Usually, the employee and the store manager can come to an agreement regarding the weekly work hours based on the business requirements as well as the availability of the employee.

In most cases, Harris Teeter store managers can also choose to give their part-time employees the privilege to work less number of hours during weekdays and then compensate during the weekends by working more hours. Such flexibility is greatly preferred by students and entrepreneurs who are looking to make some quick cash doing part-time jobs.

Harris Teeter Full-Time Job Vacancies

For those among you seeking a full-time job in Harris Teeter, a typical full-time job opportunity at Harris Teeter has between 36 hours and 40 hours a week of work.

However, employees working as store cashiers have the flexibility to work for just 4 hours per day for three days in a single week.

It is important to note that Harris Teeter stores are open 24/7, thus giving employees the option to opt for night shifts to complete their full-time workweek requirement.

Other Working Hours at Harris Teeter

Below are some of the other working hours and work types offered by Harris Teeter.

  • Shift Selectors:

    Employees working as shift selectors can be called for work at any time of the week. Thus, there are no predefined shifts for such employees. 
  • Accounting Clerks:

    Those who work as accounting clerks have typical working hours wherein they are expected to reach the office by 07:00 AM and can leave at 03:00 PM, thus averaging 8 hours per working day. 
  • Day Stockers:

    Harris Teeter associates who work as Day Stocker’s work for 5 days in a single week and the employer can extend up to 7 days in a single week. The exact working days depend on the number of available staff in the store. 

Harris Teeter Part-Time Salary Payment

For people working part-time at Harris Teeter, the payment usually happens on Tuesdays and Wednesdays. The payment is done based on the number of hours you have worked, including that of the payment day.

As Harris Teeter is one of the biggest supermarket and pharmacy brands, the salary payment is done correctly and on time and you need not worry about any delays in salary payment.