The MyHTSpace portal gives Harris Teeter employees with many features and functionalities. Without access to the portal, Harris Teeter associates would need to approach their managers and the human resources department for all the information.

However, with the MyHTSpace portal, Harris Teeter associates can gain access to all the information that they’ll need without seeking help from anyone.

As the portal provides lots of features and functionalities, it may be difficult for some to explore and understand all the benefits offered by MyHTSpace. Associates, especially the newer ones, will definitely have several questions about the MyHTSpace portal and it’s working.

To answer all the common questions, below is a section covering all the frequently asked questions about the MyHTSpace portal along with their answers.


  1. How is MyHTSpace related to Harris Teeter?

    According to Wikipedia, Harris Teeter employs about 35,000 employees actively. To manage the queries and provide data access to each employee individually is a tedious task.

    Thus, Harris Teeter launched the official MyHTSpace portal, on which Harris Teeter employees can view information related to their employment with the organization, benefits related to their employment, etc.
  2. Does MyHTSpace show work schedule?

    Yes, Harris Teeter associates can view their work schedule from within the MyHTSpace portal. Thus, if you are someone working on a dynamic schedule that changes daily or weekly, then the MyHTSpace portal is the best place to view the most up-to-date schedule assigned to you.
  3. Who can perform MyHTSpace login?

    Any individual currently employed with Harris Teeter will have access to the MyHTSpace portal. You will have to first register for an account within the MyHTSpace portal, following which you can login to the website account anytime you wish.
  4. What are some of the benefits offered by MyHTSpace?

    Some of the key benefits offered by the MyHTSpace portal includes the ability to apply for a license, monitor working hours, view salary slip each time, etc.
  5. How to change MyHTSpace profile picture?

    To change the profile picture associated with your MyHTSpace account, follow the below steps.

    A. Login to the official MyHTSpace portal.
    B. Click on “Settings”.
    C. Now, click on the profile picture icon.
    D. Find the picture that you wish to set as your profile picture from your local computer.
    E. Save your selection.

And that is it. Now you have updated your MyHTSpace profile picture.